NH Update from Dr. Richards - January 8, 2021

Of the hundreds of individuals that have been placed on quarantine, only two have later been positive and may have had other exposures outside of school.  It appears that over 99% of our cases are community based or outside of the school environment.  Additionally. we are seeing minimal evidence of spread at any of our extra-curricular events.  We have attempted to keep those events going in an effort to have some semblance of normalcy for kids.  From Archery to Wrestling, any chance at normal in these difficult times is worth the effort.  The short answer to this long winded explanation is that our students, teachers, and staff are doing a great job when at school.  

Your help is needed outside of school.  Please monitor your child's health every day.  If they report any illness do not send them to school.  We have seen multiple cases where the child's symptoms were dismissed, they came to school, and we later had to quarantine a number of others.  If they have an exposure outside of school, keep them home.  If you have any questions on this, please contact one of our school nurses before they come to school.  

We are going to make every effort to stay in session as we move forward.  However, this will involve help from our entire school community.  We will continue to take every precaution in our schools to mask up, wash hands, keep our distance, clean surfaces, and manage our exposures.  Please note that we may elect to close just a classroom, grade level, or revert to a hybrid schedule in the coming days and weeks as the situations warrant in an attempt to keep as many kids and staff safely in school as we can.  Many of you may have seen that the county has shifted on Wednesday into the Red designation for Covid. This designation is for numbers generated the prior week.  Our week off for eLearning was taken in anticipation of that shift.  As of today, we have two building level staff members that will have to be out on Monday due to quarantine.  We have zero teachers impacted at this moment.  It is our hope that the numbers will begin to trend back down as we get past the holidays.  As a result of this shift in designation our games and other extracurricular activities are restricted to participants and household family members only. 

It is important to note that vaccinations are on the way.  Regional health care workers and first responders are already receiving their first round of vaccinations by scheduling into the drive through clinic at Baptist Floyd.   Walgreens and CVS have been vaccinating in our long term healthcare facilities.  Our county is receiving direct shipments of vaccines starting next week and then each week thereafter.  State guidelines have them starting with those 80 and over, then 70, then 60.  Teachers and other essential personnel will then be in the following round as the number of vaccines are expected to increase dramatically.  You may reach out to our county health department if you have questions.  

Sorry for the long email.  Please stay safe and hug your kids.

Dr. Lance Richards

North Harrison Community Schools

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