School Direction and Purpose

North Harrison Elementary’s HOPE is to Help Our Pupils Excel by engaging in differentiated learning geared toward academic, emotional and social growth. This helps to develop a confident, independent and caring community of learners.
As the faculty and staff of North Harrison Elementary, we believe collaboration among all stakeholders is an integral component in developing an equitable and diverse learning environment. A high level of involvement is fostered through frequent parent communication and opportunities for parents, students, and staff to interact in the school environment. 
Ongoing assessment is used to customize meaningful learning experiences to meet the needs of all students, and differentiated instruction provides optimal learning opportunities to engage a diverse group of learners. Real-world problem solving opportunities are created through purposeful activities and discovery learning. Our hope is that students develop intrinsic motivation so they accept ownership of their learning, encouraging them to become responsible and civic-minded community members. North Harrison Elementary’s ultimate goal is to help our pupils excel by attending to the whole child.
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