Renaissance Program

What is Renaissance?

The Renaissance program promotes student academic achievement and attendance. It also rewards staff members for their many contributions to our school. The program recognizes an attitude of
success and improvement and builds self-esteem. Renaissance is a partnership between North Harrison and the community.

Every student has an opportunity to receive a Success card by improving grades and attendance. A Success card can only be obtained through student involvement. A student must recognize his/her intent to achieve a certain level of card, meet the requirements established to secure that card, and apply for that card after each semester.


Individual card criteria are listed below:
(GPA for previous semester)

Raise GPA from
previous semester


Criteria for all cards:

No more than 3 excused absences (Students may request an appeal hearing if there are extenuating circumstances.)
*No unexcused absences
*No suspensions, including in-school suspensions
      *Cards will be revoked throughout the semester for all suspensions and/or corporal punishment.
There are numerous benefits to becoming a Renaissance Success cardholder:
      **Community Service Opportunities
      **Renaissance t-shirts
      **Birthday recognition each month
      **Renaissance Semester Celebrations in December and May
      **Teacher Sponsored Rewards-Talk to your teachers to see if they are offering classroom incentives to those with Success Cards.
      **Additional incentives may be added periodically.
      *Sponsor Powder Puff & Power Buff games
      *Animal Shelter Drive
      *Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
      *Top 25 Academic Banquet
      *Various charity drives and service projects
Our goal is to have every student enrolled at North Harrison High School as a Renaissance member. Can we count on YOU?


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